When the Sadness Won’t Stop

Sadness, exhaustion, lack of motivation. We have all been there at some point. I want to share my experience as a young mom to shed light on a hidden epidemic. Depression does not always look like someone dressed in baggy, filthy clothes nor do those with depression always appear unhappy in social situations.  Depression can be the smiling mom with beautiful children at the grocery store or the teacher with amazing ideas for her students. I have been there, struggling daily to get out of bed, cook meals, show up for my family.  Hindsight informs me it was likely postpartum. For some of us, it’s the lack of sunshine that seasonally gets us down. For others, it is the beginning of a new year with hopes and goals that quickly get overshadowed with the responsibilities of caring for our families. Whatever has led you to this place when you want to be happy but cannot physically make it happen, it is real and it is so very hard. I know this pain. So many others do too, we just keep smili…
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